Touch of Magic Seven Springs
Seven leaves in a new home and wont be able to participate to other shows.
We didn't have opportunity to go abord, so she stays as "Champion".

Traditional judgement

Date Place Title* Price**
8.2.2008 St-Prex (CH) CAPE BIS

8.3.2008 St-Prex (CH) CAGPIB BIS
30.9.2007 Yverdon (CH) CAGCIB

29.9.2007 Yverdon (CH) CACIB
25.3.2007 Moudon (CH) CACIB
24.3.2007 Moudon (CH) CAC
14.5.2006 Mannheim (D) CAC
13.5.2006 Mannheim (D) CAC
KITTENS (6-9 months)
12.3.2006 St-Prex (CH) Excellent 1
11.3.2006 St-Prex (CH) Excellent 1
KITTENS (3-6 months)
4.12.2005 Montreux (CH) Excellent 1
3.12.2005 Montreux (CH) Excellent 1 BIV


Excellent Title for kittens
CAC Champion
CACIB International Champion
CAGCIB Grand International Champion
CACE European Champion
CAGCE Grand European Champion

BIV Best in Variety (color)
BIS Best in Show (category)
nom BIS Nominated for BIS
PS Special price


Phixius Star Conception