The charactere

Maine Coon is one of the largest known domestic cats in the world. At adulthood there weight can reach between 7 and 9 kg for the males and 4 to 6 kg for the females. They have a soft and silky fur. They develope until the age of 4 years.

In spite of its imposing size, Maine Coon are very nice, affectionate and especially intelligent cat. They adore to be cuddled and they like to decide for themselves the moment they would like to be caressed. He lives in osmosis with its owners whatever the place but doesn't like to be alone for a too long time.

He adores children and can live without problem with other animals.

He mews slightly chirping. According to its requests it can vary in small acute cries or lengthen a such singing exerciseFor me the Maine Coon stands for its beauty, softness, affection, and intelligence.

The breeding standard

You will find all information about the standard on this ling : CFA standard

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